Boys Baseball - Schedules and Standings

The following is the game schedule for the 2019 Baseball
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Game DateGame TimeVisitorHomeLocation
5/28/20196:15 PME2 - SwannB1 - LongBC2-Baldwin Intermediate - Field 2
5/30/20196:15 PMB1 - LongE3 - TempletonES-West South
6/11/20196:15 PMB1 - LongE1 - BrooksES-West South
6/24/20196:15 PMB1 - LongE3 - TempletonES-West South
7/8/20196:15 PME2 - SwannB1 - LongBC2-Baldwin Intermediate - Field 2
DIRECTIONS -Click on the facility name for a map to the facility (if present)
BC2-Baldwin Intermediate - Field 2
BC3-Baldwin Intermediate - Field 3
BC4-Baldwin Intermediate - Field 4
DA-Miller Park A
DB-Miller Park - B
Miller Park Heading West on K-10, exit on Kill Creek Rd. turn left or West on 83rd, stay to the right at the “Y” in the road then turn Right on Ferry. Heading East, Turn North or Left on Lexington then turn North or Left on Ottawa then East or Right on 83rd then North or Left on Ferry.
Miller Park B
Sunflower Heading West on K-10 exit at Edgerton Rd. then turn South or Left on Edgerton then at the “T” in the road turn Right on 103rd and ball fields will be on the Left.
E1-East 1
E2-East 2
E3-East 3
EBR-Lucy Kaegi Babe Ruth
EN-West North
ES-West South
EY-Lucy Kaegi Youth Field
CP1-Celebration Park - 1
CP2-Celebration Park - 2
CP3-Celebration Park - 3
CP4-Celebration Park - 4
CP5-Celebration Park - 5
CP6-Celebration Park - 6
GW1-Westside Park - 1
GW2-Westside Park - 2
GW3-Westside Park - 3
GW4-Westside Park - 4
SH2 - Field 2
SH3 - Field 3
SH4 - Field 4
SHI - Intermediate School Highway 169 to 199th then go East this turns into Webster St. then go to North St. and go West on North St. and ball fields will be behind the Sonic. High School Field- South on Webster to South St.. (215th St). Turn left. Fields are on your left just past the School. intermediate school is located at 300 south street and the 1-4 field complex is located at 900 N. Washington
Spring Hill 1
W1-Wellsville Field #1
W3-Wellsville Field #3
W4-Wellsville Field #4